January 26, 2019 3 min read

We haven't created just another coffee subscription box. With so many nationally-focused coffee subscription boxes out there, we decided to change things up and launch LA's premier subscription box - a coffee box made for you.

Our box is definitively the best coffee subscription for anyone living in Los Angeles. Want to know why? Here are 5 reasons: 

1. From LA Roasters for LA Residents

Rokah Coffee Club exclusively features coffee shops that roast their beans and have coffee shops in Los Angeles. As an LA resident, you'll receive beans fresh off the roaster! These small, local roasters roast a batch of beans specifically for our box at the end of the month, and we ship the beans out the next day. You're guaranteed to get fresh beans to start your month off right.

If you like the coffee we send you (which we're sure you will), your enjoyment of that coffee doesn't have to be limited to your home. Because it's guaranteed to be from an LA roaster, you can go check the shop out in person and enjoy not just their other coffee offerings, but the ambiance as well. If you were ordering from a national coffee subscription box and liked the beans you received, chances are you'll never be able to enjoy that shop in person.

After a few months as a member of Rokah Coffee Club, you'll know a top coffee shop in most neighborhoods you visit and will never have to scour Yelp to find a decent cup of coffee near you.

2. The Story Behind The Shop

As part of our mission to help you discover LA's best coffee, we do more than just send you a bag of beans - we give you a behind the scenes look on what makes the coffee we send you special. Before featuring a coffee shop, we spend time learning all about the shop, from how they source their beans to what sparked the owner's passion to cupping their coffee lineup.

We work closely with each of our coffee shop partners to make opening your Rokah Coffee Club box feel like walking into their coffee shop, truly bringing that coffee shop experience that you love directly to your home. 

3. Detailed Coffee Curation

Curation is key to give you the best coffee experience possible. We take pride in the coffee shops we partner with. Other coffee subscriptions haven't tried coffee shops nationwide, so chances are, you're not getting the best there is. Through our hyper-localized approach, you can be sure you're receiving coffee from a top shop in Los Angeles.

We discover the top coffee shops in the city, taste their coffee lineup, and consult with the owner & roaster to help select the beans they are most excited to have you taste. Ultimately, nobody knows their coffee better than the owner and roaster themselves so we combine our expertise with theirs to decide what makes it into your monthly box.

On occasion, coffee shops are even able to source a very limited amount of specialty beans that the owner's are extremely excited about. When this happens, even if it cuts a bit into our costs, we're going to do everything we can to make sure you get the very best. 

If you wanted to stick to the same type of coffee you already drink, you probably wouldn't be signing up for a coffee subscription box. We want to help you expand your coffee horizons and develop your taste palette. We make sure you get to taste the best coffees the city has to offer, and we do that by getting you the best bag of beans from the best coffee shops in the city. 

4. Delight Every Month

We like to treat you to a surprise each month. Most coffee subscription boxes have a fixed list of coffee shops that they get their beans from and will send you a bag from one each month. We keep our roster fresh, finding a new coffee shop to feature each month. Some of the shops we feature have multiple locations across the city and some are hole-in-the-walls you'd likely never find if you didn't know about. 

We surprise you with the coffee each month, making Rokah Coffee Club really feel like a gift to yourself. You won't know where in LA your coffee is coming from on any given month until the day you unbox it!

5. Support Local Businesses

Rokah Coffee Club was built to push the local coffee community forward by helping spread awareness for the small businesses that have dedicated themselves to perfecting the craft of roasting and brewing specialty coffee. By joining the club, you support a local coffee shop every single month.


Join Rokah Coffee Club to discover a new local coffee every month!

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