April 01, 2019 3 min read

We're excited to unveil West Adams' first and only coffee roaster, Alibi Coffee Co., as our April featured coffee roaster. This special Los Angeles coffee roaster unites coffee sourcing, roasting, and serving all into a scenic neighborhood coffee shop in DTLA. Alibi serves up impeccable coffee without pretentiousness and is community driven with a focus on classic, quality customer service. Their unique shop sits in an old-school building with reclaimed touches, including a stunning chandelier that lights up a pool table beneath; fostering a space where customers and staff can experience coffee and friendship.

With an emphasis on ethical sourcing, classic roasting, and humble presentation, Alibi likes to get out of the way and let the coffee speak for itself – it is the perfect conduit for great ideas and relationships; creating a destination for lovers of coffee and culture. Their coffee roasting style fully embraces the notes typical of specialty coffee while maintaining some of the classic notes of a cup of diner coffee. Even the most fruit-forward, Ethiopia single origin bean blends grapefruit notes with flavors of toffee and toast. This third wave shop truly has coffee anyone can enjoy.

Oh, and did we mention that their drip coffee prices are nearly unbeatable? They're incredibly passionate about embracing a blue collar feel, and their in-store pricing is indicative of that. These guys put their money where there mouth is. They work directly with farmers to build relationships beyond the transaction and roast all their coffee in-house.

The founders aim to activate their love for all things coffee as a vehicle to push Alibi Coffee Co. and the industry past third wave culture into a fresh and exciting future. Coffee runs in the veins of first responder, Marine Corp veteran, & Head Roaster Will Hyndman. Hailing from the Northwest where the coffee scene was a cornerstone of daily life, his palate is able to pick out tasting notes from strawberries to wet blanket. Derek Jaeschke is the business end of Alibi. He has renaissance tendencies with a wide variety of career experience and hobbies and is forever fascinated with the challenge of disrupting the coffee industry.

These co-founders bring a very young and exciting energy to the specialty coffee scene in an area which otherwise wouldn't be as noticed in the coffee world. We like to describe them as old school with new souls. These two have done something amazing in bringing the West Adams community together, offering a space for people to experience and share their love for great coffee. 

Alibi is also a part of a larger project called Start Los Angeles, which is a creative collective housing a work studio and event venue, pop-up space and outdoor events & garden area. Alibi and those that share in the vision of Start Los Angeles work together to build small businesses and community within the historic area of Harvard Heights.

You may notice that Alibi's name is reminiscent of another notable location in the food & beverage industry. That's right – if you watch Shameless, you know all about a little place called The Alibi Room – a (fictional) local bar which is a frequent setting in the hit Showtime TV show.

Thankfully, Alibi Coffee Co. only relates to the positive qualities that The Alibi Room exhibits in the show. Alibi Coffee Co. also has a pool table in the shop and serves as a place where the community can come together.

Roastery & Cafe Address: 2268 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006

We hope our members fall in love with their coffee. Wish you could be sipping on coffee from roasters like Alibi? Join the club today!

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