July 02, 2019 3 min read

Why work 40 hours to help someone else achieve their dream when you can reach for your own? That’s what ran through the heads of brothers Jonathan and Nick Christy when they decided to take the leap and follow their passion. They took their hobby of roasting coffee in their backyard and turned it into something greater – a full-fledged coffee operation! Roasting out of Huntington Beach, the Christy brothers took their passion for coffee’s complex flavors and created something delicious that they take great pleasure in sharing with you.

Born into a family of chefs and restaurant owners, Jonathan and Nick have culinary instincts in their blood. Naturally, they chose careers in exactly the fields you’d expect... that’s right – they went into information technology! Ok, maybe that’s not what you expected, but as they continued to work in IT, their passion for the culinary world grew stronger, which gave way to the birth of Christy Coffee. Their undying passion translates into their love and dedication to only roasting fresh, flavorful coffee beans for you.

While this family-owned coffee roastery does not yet have a café, they do have plans to open one up in the future. The brothers personally deliver their freshly roasted coffee locally, adding a special touch that you don’t often see from other coffee roasters. Why? Because they strongly believe that coffee is about community, and they want you to know that you’re a part of the Christy Coffee family.

To make sure you get the brightest of brews, Christy Coffee ethically sources only organic beans exclusively from trustworthy sources. They select beans based on research, tastings and feedback from customers. They strive to make sure they find the sweet spot in each and every roast because they want to give you a bean that is versatile and can be brewed using any method you like. Christy takes enormous pride in spreading the love of coffee, especially when they convert those who weren’t big coffee drinkers into coffee lovers through their delicious roasts. 

Christy Coffee currently offers five single-origin coffees: Columbia Patroness, Mexico Bella Vista, Ethiopian Sidamo, Sumatran, and Colombia Excelso. Our personal favorite is the Columbian Patroness, which is named after the Saint of Columbia St. Laura and gives off a sweet and syrupy profile with delicious notes of cherry and milk chocolate. With coffee like this, you'll trick your sweet tooth into thinking it's been satisfied with sugar.

When asked for their tips for all you home brewers out there, here's what they had to say:

"A Burr grinder is ideal for more accurate grinds. Choose the right grind for the right brew because French press, pour over or auto drip all need particular grinds that will impact the flavor. We feel another key to a great brew is to have the water temperature between 185-195. Higher temperatures can cook out some of the flavor. Also, make sure that your coffee is not more than 6 weeks old after being roasted because it will diminish the flavor of your brew. Regardless of how you store it, coffee loses 60% of its flavor after a month."

Christy Coffee is a fairly new, small, yet exciting local roaster looking to make a large impact on the coffee community. We're proud to be able to partner with them to introduce their incredible coffee to our members in our July member's box.

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