January 08, 2019 3 min read

Featured Roaster - January 2019

We are proud to announce that our featured roaster for January 2019 is Cognoscenti Coffee.

The term “Cognoscenti” refers to those who hold expertise in a particular subject. For Cognoscenti Coffee’s Founder & Head Roaster Yeekai Lim, that subject is undoubtedly coffee. Across their three locations, you’re sure to notice the Cognoscenti Owl – their mascot. As you likely know, owls are representative of wisdom, and as such the pairing between an owl and Cognoscenti is a perfect match. 


Any drink you order off the menu is sure to be a treat – from the grounds up, the coffee you get is truly premium quality. After starting as a pop-up shop and a multi-roaster, Cog Coffee is now ramping up their own roasting efforts, placing focus on the quality and sourcing of their beans to ensure consistency in every cup and a unique coffee experience for you to indulge in.

Coffee is a complex beverage, and the experts (the cognoscenti) are continuously learning more about how to perfectly craft the beverage. Yeekai sources and roasts beans to continually learn about coffee, and he has developed a roast profile for his beans that will excite any coffee lover.

If you find yourself in a Cog shop, we recommend trying the Ceiba Huehuetenango Guatemala as a pour over. This washed processed coffee has some bright acidity and still hits the chocolaty and nutty flavors typical of an excellent Guatemalan coffee.


Having worked in architecture prior to embarking on his coffee journey, Yeekai has a knack for design, making way for three beautiful locations. Cog Coffee roasts beans in its spacious roastery & café on San Julian St. in the Fashion District. Nestled in a large footprint right by a street full of dress shops, you’ll have your choice of larger co-working tables or a smaller more intimate spot for you and a friend. At this location, you’ll be able to take in the incredible scents of Cog roasting their signature coffees in their large Probat roaster and brewing near the register with their stunning Sanremo Café Racer. 

Also in the downtown area is Cog’s South Park location. This spot is sleek and modern. While it’s smaller than their roastery, their efficient use of space is impressive, with plenty of seating to meet their needs in this mid-sized location.

The Culver City shop, the smallest of their locations, serves as a second home to locals. They play host to neighborly baristas in a warm and calming atmosphere. Even though it is small, the shop keeps a calming environment and is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing afternoon coffee. If it gets a little crowded, you can even snag a table outside and get a breath of fresh air.

With these three coffee shops throughout the city, Cognoscenti spreads a consistently friendly atmosphere and great coffee across LA.


We asked Yeekai for a tip he’d like to share with those of you wanting to brew coffee at home. Here’s what he had to say: “Water is the most important component next to the coffee so try and dial in the water hardness/TDS (100-130). Coffee always taste best when you’re having fun. Also, don’t waste coffee!”

As a member of Rokah Coffee Club, you’ll be able to take their storefront experience for a test drive by utilizing Pinecone Pay throughout January! Just exchange one of the pinecone ornaments in your box for a free cup of coffee at any Cog Coffee location.

We’re confident that after you take a trip over to Cog Coffee, you’ll be rushing back for more!

Cognoscenti Coffee Locations:

Fashion District: 1118 San Julian St., Los Angeles, CA 90015

Culver City: 6114 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90282

South Park: 868 S. Olive St.,  Los Angeles, CA 90013

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