February 01, 2019 3 min read

Featured Roaster - February 2019

Our featured roaster this month is a unique coffee shop that doubles as a cyclery nestled into the heart of Culver City. Super Domestic Coffee was founded in June 2018 by Brandon and Kelly Jackson, married partners, long-time coffee lovers and bike enthusiasts.

It's rare for us to showcase a fairly new brand as our featured roaster, but what Super Domestic has accomplished in seven months can take years for other coffee shops to achieve. They have brought their roasting in house, creating an array of different unique blends and single-origin beans with a distinct roast profile. They make their almond milk in house, boasting a housemade almond-milk latte that is a must-try. In less than a year, they have become a staple of the Culver City coffee scene.

If you find yourself in Culver City, we recommend you make the trip to Super Domestic and check out their signature Kirk blend. This roast has a nice body to it and coats the tongue with some traditional, earthy coffee flavors without compromising the fine flavors of the green beans. Regardless of your roast preference, you'll be able to appreciate the Kirk blend as a pour over or as an espresso-based beverage.

What does "Super Domestic" mean?

Super Domestic's name comes from the cycling term, domestique, which refers to a cyclist in a road racing team whose role is to help their team leader during a race. Super Domestic views itself as your personal domestique - one of their core principles is to be there for you and support you with their coffee, helping you get through the day.

Tell Me More About the Shop

Super Domestic turned a small corner shop into a flourishing coffee shop and cyclery. In their location, they manage to offer a full coffee offering, a variety of breakfast foods including bagels with lox, overnight oats, "Super Awesome Burritos", and avocado toast (of course). Their retail shelves are stocked with house-roasted coffee, brewing gear, and biking equipment.

The baristas are as friendly as you'll find and the culture of the shop is playful. They have two tip jars at the counter, and with your tip you get to cast your vote on various pop culture debates, including which is the better TV show: 90210 or Melrose Place? They are happy to spend time talking to you about coffee and help you find your next favorite beverage. All customers are greeted with a smile and friendly conversation, and the baristas take time to get to know the customers, recognizing the regulars in a heartbeat.

With plenty of street parking available, Super Domestic is the perfect spot to get your fix of morning coffee, and maybe even some new biking gloves. With all they do in a small shop, they still manage to have a couple of benches outside where you can sit and enjoy your coffee. Because they're in the heart of Culver City, we recommend grabbing a coffee and bagel from Super Domestic and walking around Culver City, soaking in that Los Angeles sun we're so blessed to have in February.

Oh, and if you're walking your dog but can't wait to satisfy that coffee craving, Super Domestic has you covered with some treats and a doggy bowl right before the entrance! They've thought of everything. They even stay in character by substituting a bike pump as their door post.

A Message From Co-Owner Brandon Jackson

"Hey there, thank you for trying our coffee. I am truly stoked to know that someone out here is enjoying something that I have poured my heart and soul into. Opening a coffee shop has been a dream that my wife and I have shared for many years, and even with all the twists, turns and mountains to climb that come with it, it has been so worth it. As I sit here drinking a pour over of this same roast I’m sending you, I can’t help but feel like I’m living that dream today. Thank you again and enjoy!"

Address: 10054 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232 

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