March 01, 2019 2 min read

Featured Roaster March 2019

We are proud to announce that our featured roaster for March 2019 is Tectonic Coffee, an award-winning coffee roaster based in LA that powers coffee shops across the country.

Tectonic loves to help like-minded coffee lovers hunt for the cleanest, sweetest, and most balanced offerings on the market. They have decades-deep partnerships at the farm level that support their ability to bring incredible coffee to LA.

Tectonic focuses on roasting each coffee to make sure sweetness is at the forefront of every cup. When they source new coffee, their personal relationships with coffee farms allow them to buy sweet coffees and employ a balanced roasting style that showcases the inherent flavors of the environment the bean was grown in.

Their Story

Deaton Pigot, Tectonic Coffee's Founder and CEO, entered the coffee world at 15 years old as a barista for a small cafe called Bad Manors in Australia. While he developed a passion for coffee at a young age, it had always been a side gig as he searched for a more traditional “career”. At 24, Deaton took the leap to turn his passion for coffee into his career. He began to focus on coffee full-time, beginning the journey that resulted in the amazing coffee we are featuring this month.

Their coffee has consistently won awards in the Golden Bean North America. In 2018, they submitted four of their coffees for review and came home with four awards! They won in all sorts of categories, including best espresso and best single-origin espresso.

Their Name

The Tectonic team proudly roasts specialty coffee so good that it makes the earth move! In an effort to tip their hat to one of California’s earthquakes, they arrived at the name “Tectonic” – referencing the structure of the earth’s crust and the processes which take place within it.

A Message From Founder Deaton Pigot

"G’day! I am beyond happy that you are trying my coffee! With 25 years of experience I have many stories, travels and adventures that I like to share with my customers. Every coffee I buy and roast is an example of the love I have for this craft. The amount of hard work my wife, team and I have put into every 12 oz. bag of coffee is endless. Our greatest joy is knowing we’ve offered you the greatest coffee possible and hope it brings you joy!"

Where Can You Get Their Coffee?

Tectonic doesn't have a physical location, but their coffee is served at shops across the city. Below is a list of locations where you can find their brews:

  • RVCC Intersect
  • Coffee Commissary (All Locations)
  • Balconi Coffee Company
  • Kindness and Mischief
  • Square 1 (Silverlake and Los Feliz)
  • Proof Bakery
  • Red Window
  • Coffee Nature
  • Coffee for 2

If you're looking to switch it up at your next event and fuel your guests with coffee instead of booze, Tectonic offers a mobile cafe experience! Their mobile cart is sure to be a treat and make your next party / event stand out from the rest.

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